Locust Player Models

I could use a locust player model for a project im working on.

That means I could use some player models of locusts, any of the following:

Theron Guard



You can do 1, 2, as many that suits your fancy.
I understand its hard, but I can find no where else with locust player models. Thanx.

1st problem is that the Kantus are in GoW2 which Epic is not planning on relasing for PC… so don’t expect the kantus getting done…

Think we could do him i’ll pass it on for you.

Great, thanks.
Now if only they will release GoW2 sometime soon.

GoW 2 has been out since november last year.

But not out for PC…

It will never be released for the PC.

Ah, well then thats boned.
Unless some godly designer makes a custom model for it, but im not sure thats possible.

Im working on S-low’s Theron Guard, helmet Theron Guard, and General Raam player models


Ah good you get him working then? ^^

Yeah, I saw the issue. In the QC it supposed to say “csfix.mdl” but mine said “player\csfix.mdl”

Ah, that would cause problems (Also realised the missing textures was because I forgot to copy them over originally '^^)

So according to the Garrysmod page you can’t have the S-Low Ragdolls at the same time as having the player models then?

They are the S-Low ragdolls, just with added playermodel usability :smiley: They work perfectly fine as ragdolls (even better in the case of Captain America). So if you get the player model ones instead of the S-Low ones you have the same thing but they also work as playermodels.

Oh so I have the ragdolls so I can just dl these and it will just replace them and I will still have the ragdolls right?


I know I’m baaaad for bumping this, but where do I extract this to? I put 'em in addons but got nothing.

It’s not an addon, if you want it to be an addon make a txt file in the folder called info.txt and put this in it:

	"name"		"Locust Player Models"
	"version"	"1"
	"up_date"	""
	"author_name"	"S-Low, Jason278"
	"author_email"	""
	"author_url"	""
	"info"		"Locust Player Models." 
	"override"	"0"

Then it will work as an addon :smiley:


You’re to fast Silver