$lod model doesn't seem to change ingame

I’m sorta new to modeling, so now i’m trying to understand more about model optimization… i was trying to make a LOD for a door model that i made for portal 2, i’ve checked all the syntax and the LOD it’s showing and working on the Model viewer… but ingame… it desn’t seem to be switching (dk if it is because the distance is too great for me to notice ingame… or if it isn’t actually working. so yh.)… i would just like some enlightenment about it =P, thanks since now for those wanting to help.


$modelname "props_abyss/tsra_door_hotel.mdl"
$scale 1.0
$body "Body" "tsra_door_hotel.smd"

$cdmaterials "models/props_abyss"

$surfaceprop "wood"
$hboxset "default"
$hbox 0 "static_prop"	   -23.90   -1.37  -54.35    24.10    0.63   53.65

$lod 60
      replacemodel "tsra_door_hotel.smd" "tsra_door_hotel_lod.smd"

$contents "solid"
$collisionmodel "tsra_door_coli.smd" {
$sequence idle "tsra_door_hotel.smd" loop fps 1

Those details where supposed to be gone beyond the lod distance.(Click to see better =P)

Normal model in model viewer


LOD model in model viewer

bump i still need a help with this =(

Check ingame convar r_lod, It should be -1 for auto-lod, someone correct me if I am wrong