LOD Model Invisible

I have quite a few trees that I use, I wanted to create a couple of LOD models to go along with them.

Created 2 planes in an X shape in 3DS and applied my material to them to mimic a tree at long distances as such:


I then exported this as an SMD and compiled using crowbar.
All goes smoothly with no errors. Upon loading it in the viewer that comes with crowbar, the model itself works but when I swap it to LOD 1, it’s invisible.

It’s showing my material in the “VMTs Loaded” section and it’s got the correct shader. In-fact no matter what material I use, it shows up there but is invisible on the model.

The only way I can get it to work is by applying a material that’s already used on the tree (non-LOD model), then it works:

I’m pretty much new to modeling, so I’m guessing it’s something simple I missed.

It could be that the path file wasn’t set up correctly, that’s the only thing I can think of, as there’s not much difference between a normal model and an LOD.

The VMTs Loaded part shows the correct LOD texture being loaded however, it just shows “Materials: 0” when the LOD model is selected. It’s as if it’s not been applied to the model?

The SMD shows the material on each triangle however.