You all know how LODs work in GTA V, and I think we can make a LOD system from GTA V to S&BOX for large maps (for example, 100KM+, and with 500-1000+ players on the server). This idea is interesting to me and other people, what do you think ?

Although we can use Level streaming, but we can’t yet know how it will be used ( it will work, it will be optimized, whether it will be convenient, what will happen with a large map and more players on this map, whether it will be pleasant for the eyes)

Currently, in Garry’s Mod maps, a popular strategy is having a fade-to-black covering for particular sections of the map, where if you are far from another section, processing load is lifted, somewhat.

Level of detail systems seem particularly specific to GTA’s own specific game engine & while particle effects and emitters, et cetera., exists in Garry’s Mod, they’d only mimic the specific GTA-like LOD effect, but cause more lag.

Fundamentally, what is possible is determined by the capability of a game engine. Source 1/2 LOD systems are described here by Valve: LOD system - Valve Developer Community