Log all commands run

I’m looking to log/display every command a player runs…is this possible?


thanks, but he took it down.

also, any examples how to use it? i think i found his svn.

‘developer 1’ through rcon or server’s console. Logs everything that happens on server. Yes, their commands too. Say they do /buy fiveseven It will buy their fiveseven and it will display in console of server. Not sure if that’s what you wanted but it’s there if you want it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Theres another module for it, cant remember the name of it but its in the DLL section, should do the trick

gm_slog by azuisleet*


Sorry I didn’t check the author. I forgot gbps released something similar to slog thats why I got confused.

It is, but it didn’t work.


couldnt find it in the dll section, could i get a link?

svn: http://gmodmodules.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/


Use that, slog is also a good choice but i preferr my own logging


thanks everyone

Developer will lag your server.

It will get extremely big.