Logged In Another Location?

Logged In Another Location
Ok, So I Tried to join a friend’s server, Didn’t work It said Client “.50 Caliber” connected (
Player .50 Caliber has joined the game
Dropped .50 Caliber from server (This Steam account is being used in another location
Player .50 Caliber left the game (This Steam account is being used in another location
" And it happens on other Gmod Servers as well. But It doesn’t happen on any other Source game server. Eg TF2 CS:S etc

I’v Tried Un-Mounting The Orange Box games.
Is it Because I just got the Orange Box
Or what?

Log out of steam and back in.

Tried that, i’v tried Restarting comp etc

Is this specific to one server or all servers you join?

Go to C:/Program Files/Steam

Delete clientregistry.blob

Restart steam/game

Thanks It worked, But while i was at it the Game validation.Txt had something to do with it. It said it was a failed validation. :S


It was all servers