Logged in dead. Door gone.

Yesterday, I logged out at my shelter; doors closed, everything secured.
I logged in today with no items and not at my shelter so I just walked up to a zombie and killed myself.
When i respawned at my shelter, everything in multiple storages were gone; also, my door was gone.
How did this happen and how can I prevent this from happening in the future

build a more secure base, wooden doors can be broken with a hatchet. Steel doors can be blown off with 2 c4, wood walls can be destroyed with 1 c4. So make multiple walls/doors to make it harder for them to raid you.

Ah, didn’t know that. Thank you :slight_smile:

I see a lot of people building shelters and putting metal doors on them, don’t make this mistake. You can still hatchet/pick axe down a shelter, building even a 1x1 and slapping a metal door on it is much more secure as C4 would be needed to blow the door/walls.

No base is secure in Rust. Spread your loot around multiple bases. Hide those bases in low traffic areas.

Stealth is everything.
Build your house far away and hidden in the hills.

Also on most servers when you disconnect your body remains there, unconcious

It is tough at first. Some people/groups are ruthless and they’ll take every chance they get at grabbing more resources. If they see a wooden shack with a sleeper inside you’re done for. Put your compound/shack far away from any civilization. Place a campfire or boxes along the way so you know where it is. Use metal doors and multiple walls if you can. Spiked walls keep them from getting close enough to place C4. Just continue playing, maybe find a few friends and you’ll learn how everything works.

Layers, its all about layers. Build out not up. make a 4x4 house, then build another foundation and wall with doors around that, then another around that, and another, and another. Each layer costs them 2 c4. Then if you seperate everything by doors instead of walls it confuses them even more not knowing which direction to c4.

Instead of big houses with mazes of rooms and doors, I have better luck with multiple 1x1 well hidden among the rocks. I spend a lot of time finding a good hiding spot before putting a house down.

Same! I spend a lot of time choosing a spot, but recently I logged out for 3 - 4 days and when I woke up I was alive in my house which had no walls or doors with all my stuff still in my crate.

Houses decay over time. Opening the door resets the timers…

This is less viable on 128+ player servers unfortunately. I spent a couple hours wandering through the low foot traffic areas and every good out of the way place I can think of was already built by other solo survivors trying to get away from the zerg. I think the “populated” portion of the map may be just too small for steady 128+ players at the moment.

Yeah I hope they expand the North/West/Easterly areas more… the playing area is massive as it is, especially on low populated servers, but having even more real estate to work with with resources in those areas would be great.

And being commonly spawned in the Southern ares rather than all over adds to the new player’s issues of trying to start out.

That’s why I call it a mitigation strategy. The fewer people who come across your base, the longer it will last. No location is 100% safe; nor do I think the devs want any one place to be 100% safe.

The idea is that you continue to build wealth while taking the occasional and expected loss of 15-25%.