Logged on today, was game banned? [Ban Appeal]

So last night, I was playing Rust, and I killed this group of people. They then called me a hacker, and they all rage quit. I woke up this morning, and got on Rust and it said I was game banned by a developer. I have no idea why I was banned, I don’t understand why I should be able to be banned because some 10 year olds raged at me.

Link to my profile (you can also see lots of screenshots from rust showing that I infact do not hack, and yes I do have a VAC ban on CS;GO, and I do admit to hacking on CS;GO. But I do admit, after getting banned from one game, I’d never hack again.)

Tell me anything else you’d like me to show you, and I’ll show you. I’ve put a lot of time and work into rust (around 400 hours) and this is very saddening to me.
Thank you, for reading and hopefully considering. :slight_smile:

Is this from official servers or were you banned by some admin on a community server?

If you weren’t EAC banned I’m pretty sure you were just banned from a particular server.

No, It says on my profile that I was game banned by a developer. ):

If this was truly a false ban EAC staff will undo the ban.

It is definitely an EAC ban. EAC does not ban because kids rage reported, EAC bans for detecting running Rust cheats.

Hopefully someone from EAC will be by in the thread today to verify the detection records. They will either confirm that it is a valid ban, or confirm that it’s in fact a mistake and remove the ban. One of the two outcomes.

You’re also VAC banned - saw you mentioned it now, my bad

The account has been banned from a definite detection of a paid cheat.

The current trend of coaching seems to be blaming 10- year olds. Try not to be so obvious with your cut and paste appeal next time.

We should make a “Why did i got banned compilation thread” and put the funniest excuses there. :excited: