Logging In

I created an acount, but for some reason when I go to Log In on the rust website, nothing happens. Can anyone explain?

There’s a website for Rust?

Thanks man, this helps me greatly.

I have the same issue on all of my computers! >:(

did u make your account with the 0000000 key?

how do i get a beta key

(User was banned for this post ("dumb post" - Gran PC))

one: purchase gold member using this link http://store.boostar.org/
two: contribute to the community of Rust and make good use of yourself then you might just get the key
oh P.S. that question really isn’t appreciated around these parts

how do i contribute to the community

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im new to this game

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i need a beta key can u guys help

So far from what I can see it seems you have no understanding of Alpha and how to contribute to the community. Oh yeah, don’t beg for keys.

im not beging

‘i need a beta key can u guys help’ In my eyes thats asking for a key, or should I say asking for a key with the help of others?

You have to let it load on the first log-in. Takes a long time.

i just want to play rust

guys please help me get a beta key

(User was banned for this post ("dumb post" - Gran PC))

Ok guys, so can we get back to the question at hand? I can’t login either!!!

Oh and, no I got a legit beta key posted in the beta key section…

Well, if you would have read one of the top most threads (or the sticky, even) - you would of found out the game is currently down for updates. Not only that, but it says it on the home page of Rust.

We really need a report option “begging for keys”. Half this forum is filled with beggers :frowning: Although it’s pretty hard to control that.

The game isn’t even up yet. Are you guys not reading the “Offline” at the bottom of the page?


OFFLINE We’re still updating! The harder you punch Pat in the face, the faster it will be back.