Logging into Garry'smod.org issues!!!

This has happened for awhile now, but when I go to log in, I put all my information in, it takes me to the logging in screen where it also says “Click here if you don’t want to wait.” I click that and it takes me back to the homepage but I’m not logged in still. It still has the green box in the corner that says sign in through steam. I have done this multiple times but it still doesn’t work. It doesn’t say and errors or anything it’s just not logging in.How do I fix this?

Garrysmod.org is naturally buggy, and has been.

Does it matter what browser I use, because I mainly use Google Chrome, and all my cookies are set right. I just don’t get it

Use FireFox. Google chrome was always glitchy for me.
Delete your cache.

I’ve done that but it still isnt working, like no matter what I do it doesnt work

Google ‘CCleaner’
Download it from Cnet
Then run it to clean most computer and web browser cache. It also fixes registry errors.
This might help o.o

that didn’t even work

I’m sorry WHAT?

How does that resolve login issues?

do you even know what a .dll file is?

What the fuck.
When did I …

Yeah a .dll is an extension lol. Umm.
Idk why I said any of that but what I meant to say is it fixes registry errors
And cleans most computer cache from web browsers and files.