Logging out of STEAM when I play GMod online.

Right, well I was playing TF2 online earlier and it worked fine.

But when I join a GMod server, when it starts connecting, it says I am logged in elsewhere and need to login.

I click Login, but it repeats.

This has happened numerous times and I know for a fact nobody else is on my STEAM.

Thanks for the help in advance.

Log out and log back in, then try.

You should also try changing you steam accounts password, a hijacker may have control of it but is just too stupid to change it for himself.

^ is wrong.

Delete everything in your Steam folder except for “steam.exe” and “steamapps”

^ is wrong. Delete clientregistery.blob

Doesn’t always fix all issues. It’s easier just to say delete everything and then they’ll have no problems at all.

Videos and such.

Would still be there.

I’ll try the old ‘clientregistry.blob’ that usually works for these sort of STEAM issues. Thanks.