Logging out

Hey there.

I’m thinking about buying the game soon because it looks really cool even for an alpha, but this…

How can this even be possible? I mean… who did even design that? I only know a bit about the game but that seems to be a really bad thing, since I guess you can’t even be safe in your own house unless it’s a titanium-made house, and that’s prolly not the case since all the houses I’ve seen are made of wood walls and maybe iron doors, that’s all. They could just take down a wall, kill you while you’re off and steal everything from you while you can’t do anything to defend yourself since you might be sleeping, partying, having dinner, etc.
I mean, seriously, what’s this? Ogame? Trivian? At least you could buy defenses there xD

Any info about if they’re gonna change this anytime soon or something?

Oh and by the way, there’s a general hive that every single default server uses or is it a different hive per server?


PS: Maybe I’m completely wrong and this post is just a pure fail, lol, but that answer from the FAQ seems kinda clear to me.

You can find servers without this “sleeper” mechanic, in the modded servers section.

(I agree, it’s pretty dumb, but i’m not the one designing the game am I)

It’s an amazing idea. Why the hell should you keep all your important items in your inventory, so if you get raided you don’t lose your stuff? Sorta ruins the whole SURVIVAL concept.

If Sleepers weren’t implemented, you could make a shitty shack, put all of your important goods from your main house on your body, and log out into said shack. It’s a completely valid implement.

Oh, crap, these guys are going to kill me and take all my stuff. I know, I’ll log off!

bwip Fuckers! Hahaha.

This is why sleepers are there, to prevent people from combat-logging like cowards. And sleepers don’t “disappear” after any set amount of time because you could use alternate characters as crates that disappear from the world.

Well, isn’t that too extreme? This isn’t real life. At least irl you could hold a knife or a gun while you’re sleeping! How could you survive something you don’t even know it’s happening?

About the other two answers, I’m pretty sure there must be other ways to combat that. Maybe add a new class of item called “Important items” (yeah that’s pretty seedy but you get the point) so you can only carry a few at the same time in your character. I don’t know, I’m not the most original guy ever, but there’s prolly more ways to do that.

About combat-logging… maybe just add a long timer to disconnect, like 5 minutes or so. I’d rather wait 5 minutes to log off than leave my body just there while I’m out. Or maybe let your body stay there for 10 minutes after you’ve logged out and then let it disappear. Again, there must be tons of good ideas for this.
“Alt F4” you might say… I’ve seen that players disappear instantly in DayZ with Alt F4 but not in another game; their players stayed logged for some time before they’d disappear so you could kill them.


Being killed while you are logged off is really irritating at the moment, however i think the sleeper aspect will become better as the map is extended and more building materials are added