Logging System

Hello, and welcome to my thread.
I’ve made a logging system, which logs everything to do with kills and deaths, prop spawning, chat logging and connecting and disconnecting.

Name: Logging
Version: 1.0
Creator: Persious (Aka Persious Da Banana)
Info: A tool which will grant admin’s or normal users to read nearly everything.

I give you permission to edit this file, just remember to give me credit for it!
There are some settings, which you can change in settings.lua.

Thanks to Drew P. Richard for helping me.

Ignore how I code, I like the lazy way.

This is the password setting:


This is the default skin, but you can always change it in settings.lua!






inb4 gotskilz4u rates me dumb, I don’t care.

Hmm good idea, I may use this in the future

Feel free to use it.

Looks nice, I’ll try it out.

I like it, only thing I think should be changed is the fact that you have to enter the password every time. If it’s CL, I would suggest adding an option to not use a password.
Also, a option to add NPC and other objects that are killed to the ‘Kill’ log and add ‘Removed’ to the prop logging.
If possible, that is, just suggesting some things. I haven’t tested it on a server yet.

What’s the point in having a password if you can just access the menu by using ‘PassCorrect’?

It looks like everything is a concommand :doh:

You realise that filex.Append will basicly go slower with each new line?

So after some time your logging will make the server slow down more and more.

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And have you ever heard of indenting code?

This addon is retarded, you should feel ashamed to release an addon that promises security and has no security at all.

Also learn to goddamn localize your functions.

And what the fuck is this:

function ClearPropLog( ply )
if AbleToRemoveLogsManually then return true
return false end
file.Delete(“logging/”…os.date("%d/%m/%y")…" SpawnProps.txt")
concommand.Add( “ClearPropLog”, ClearPropLog )

The file operation will NEVER be executed.

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Go away.

stop flaming

I’m just stating facts.

not really, you are calling his addon “fucking retarded” instead of constructive criticism you are just being an asshole and it doesn’t really make you look cool. also when you try to say that i am calling you out just to make myself look cool you really just make yourself look dumb

Also, I talked with some people who tried to use this, its not compatible to a shitload of addons due global var useage.

I wasn’t going to download this but now I will to laugh at how bad it is

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OK lets get started you include the config with the password Clientside and call things from it yet its never sent to the client as a download so this will not work for new clients that are joining since you are including something they don’t have thus this will not even work and I think that’s a good thing since its so bad. Stop using console commands for everything without even doing checks on them anyone can bypass this very easily.

I know that I made some mistakes. But fix it if you want, there are not even big problems.

C-Unit, you’re mad because you’re 12? (I’m serious, I even got a picture of him saying that he’s 12.)

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And, I know it myself, that’s why I made it save a new log file each day. I could do it each hour tho.

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Got it.

Explain how your whole password security system not stopping anything is not a big problem? Explain how including a script on client that you never send is not a problem?

People only need simple Lua experience to fix it.

You should fix it and re-release. People don’t want to have to fix YOUR addon.

I know, but I’m going to make a new version which will fix those problems.

Post it then? Also why are you talking shit about me when I was defending you…