Loghouse (rp_mountainvillage)

This is one of my first post in the contraptions section, and… possibly my first on Facepunch ever… I forget. I mainly just read posts…

I digress!

I’d like to share with everyone the log cabin Zyrisk and I built!

Some Faqs-
[li]360 Props
[/li][li]No stacker or easy precision used. (This was made before either Zyrisk or I knew about stacker or easy precision tools.
[/li][li]This build took about 12 or more hours to complete. (Several crashes)

So now for the screen shots of the build in progress:








Completed: (Well… technically it’s not completed… but were calling it good.)













Overall it was a fun build. Looking back on it we would do some things very differently, like not using so many props, using the blast door… not the best choice, but whatever.


Props, man, it looks good.

I didn’t realize that the blast doors were blast doors - the texture makes it appear to be lots of slats of wood.

Thanks, Sestze! Maybe we should post some screens of its working doors and blinds, too.

Looks awfully similar to mine…

(where it is and the construction/props of it)

I looked at the pictures again, ** even the doors ** are the same. The duel exact same model doors.

Since you can’t find the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sXPcckwjvV4

holy shit, he can use blastdoors too!!!

Yeah but I’m sorry, his blast doors look good here

Well seeing as how I don’t have anything to go off of as far as how yours looks, I can’t agree or disagree. However, knowing that we build everything from the ground up, I’d have to say I’d doubt it looks similar.

Where it is… if you have built something in that spot on the map, kudos, it’s a fun spot to build something.

As for the props that were used… there are only so many good construction props in HL2. We tried to use only HL2,CSS props for the most part, until we got to the end and we had to use some PHX props to close the roof up.

I went through your threads, and found a thread about rp_mountainvillage houses, I assume this would be the thread you are hinting too. When trying to view the youtube video, I found that the video is private, so again, I have nothing to go off of.

Speaking with Zyrisk… he says he remembers something about your post, seeing it and that was the inspiration for our build; I personally don’t remember being so long ago.

So sorry if you feel we intruded in your space… or idea… or whatever, but we just were building for the fun of it.

This is awesome, nice first post :v:

I would like to see it furnished with logcabin-appropriate furniture.

i like how you used blastdoors, they make the floor look like a real wood floor. all it needs is furnishing

wow… alot better than I expected :buddy:

I looked at the first picture, and was thinking “I don’t care whether he used stacker or not, it still just looks like some shitty wooden thing attached to the mountain…”

Then I saw the “finished” one.

Then I gave you a cookie! :v:

Pretty nice looking dude! I always am jealous that you guys get to use rp_mountainvillage, I can’t because I don’t have CSS :frowning:

I always enjoyed CanadianBill’s secret house thing on that map.

Wow. This looks great. Nice use of the blast doors. :smiley:

CanadianBill, quit being so goddamn butthurt. You build EVERYTHING out of blast doors, and it looks like shit. This looks good because the blast doors make it look like wood. Yours look like shit because you just materialize it with Klab and call it good. This loghouse looks nothing like yours, so quit bitching, not everyone goes to your threads, so if he built a loghouse on mountainvillage, it’s probably coincidence, because that map is fun to build houses on.

I couldn’t see the video, because it was private.

You can get css content free and legal using the commandline valve dedicated server.


Thanks for all the comments guys! It’s curious to me that some people like the use of the blast door, where I feel we should have used something else. :stuck_out_tongue:

I would have said that the plastic PHX plates, the ones at the bottom of the General Construction spawnlist combined with the XQM wood texture coloured to look a bit better would have done the job, but nice job with the blast doors. It took me a little while to figure out what prop you used.

I actually thought it was stacked logs or something. The blast doors have a really nice shape in this case. Looks very nice.

hm I haven’t noticed this thread befo- whoa, sweet log cabin!
no stacker :'O
Furniture would be very nice. I want to see this hit by a truck with only force welds for some reason