Logic Question

is there a way i could make a logic remove all entities from the map

there’s a console command called ent_remove_all entity name or type
So “ent_remove_all trigger_multiple” will remove all trigger_multiples in the map.
But I don’t think theres any entity that could remove all entities. What do you need it for too by the way?

Organise an array of the varieties of entities you want to remove from the map in a logic relay. A function that flat-out removed all entities in the map would delete your info_player_start entities, destroying the map.

Your array would be set up like so, inside of a logic_relay:


Triggering the relay destroys the entities in the array.

With that method you would have to write the name of every entity, as I don’t think you can set the target entity to for example prop_physics.

Yes you can. I wouldn’t have gone to the trouble of setting it up in hammer without testing it as well.

i want to make a map steal proof for other so lets say they download the map and want to use it but unless you disable the logic that disables all entities the map wont work properly

You could just put a large trigger_remove across your map and enable/disable it.

Might crash you though.


You can work around any anti-theft map system if you are willing to try hard enough, either with entspy to remove entities from the bsp or using a sly config file executed on map run.

If you ask me, that’s a retarded idea only to allow people to play it on your server.
And yes, someone will still find out how to work around it really fast, so it’s not really worth it.

see the thing is i didn’t ask you your opinion i asked if it could be done. and i know there is always some 1 out there that can break through it but what ever

Enjoy wasting your time then.

This Guy: Ignorant mapper who probably thinks his community is 1337 when really people would just play another (possibly better map) or easily hack it and then he’ll rage.

Well if you put it that way…
The only way I can think of that can’t be removed is to put a big ass sign somewhere with your clan tag. Remember to make it absolutely HUGE.
That way you can hope everyone not playing on your server will see the big ass sign and think “Well fuck this. I’m not gonna play this map because of the annoying sign”
everyone who likes you/your server will see the sign and thing “Wow, this is absolutely awesome. I love this map/server even more now, that this map is made only for this server”

Although, if your map is awesome enough, someone can still decompile it and remove the sign, though that might fuck up the map depending on it’s awesomeness.

Any other solution can be removed in minutes by mostly everyone.

Well…i will tell you now how to disable your “protection”.

  1. Download map
  2. Load it up in entspy
  3. Delete logic that controls the disable.


  1. Download map
  2. Decompile map using vmex
  3. Delete logic.

The clan tag idea can be fixed by removing or replacing the custom image.

Or they could just open up the map with gcf scape and replace the clan image with their own clan image.

Make the map in the shape of your IP. It is the only way.

I forgot to say that the sign could also be brush based though.

And look like ass.

People who would consider trying to protect a map using an overly complex system wouldn’t be the sort who would put much time into actually making the map look good.

Yeah, to make sure that only whoever the clan tag is saying wants to play the map