logic timer use

Hi Guys;

i wish edit logic_timer without hammer or any editors.

i tried bspsource but lighting bugs and many bugs visible in my map.

pls give anythink

Note : CS : GO

Edit: i wish edit entities less hammer

I’d love to help you but I have no Idea what you are talking about.
But you can always open your vmf in Notepad if you want to edit your map outside of hammer

Hi friend. I want edit any bsp less hammer editor.

i want edit logic timer of jb_castleguarddev_v5 45 seconds to 240 seconds.

without bsp source

Why is no one using the question thread anymore?

  1. You don’t need to start a new thread for every question you have. We have a Question Megathread for most questions and help requests.

  2. You got the two good answers which are still valid in the previous thread you made.

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It’s mostly just new people that don’t look around enough to understand how things work in a community.

A majority of mapping related problems are solvable by an internet search, so the ones that end up asking questions either have more niche/advanced questions which do end up in that thread, or they just don’t know how to navigate and take advantage the internet very well due to things like language barriers. Though there are some cases of just wanting to be spoonfed.

If you want to edit an entity without hammer and without compiling you can use Entspy but it’s quite outdated

If you are server owner, add the plugin Stripper:Source, and do the modification of the map with a .cfg

If you just want to edit directly the bsp, use Entspy, or the VIDE Lump Editor.

thnx :)))))))) i want kiss you