logic_auto and Gmod rounds


I wanted to ask, for logic_autos, is there a setting where it can trigger an output on the first round of any Gmod game, but not for any other rounds?
I’ve tried a few of the auto’s outputs, but they seem to output on every round.


You use an env_global and a logic_auto with both having a Global State to read.

ah, perfect! thanks a lot! just what I was looking for! ^^
Now my Maop won’t cause earbleeds every single round with it’s silly theme song. Feels good to know. ^^

You sure your map needs a themesong? Many servers have a themesong on playerjoin/map change and having two songs overlap like that would probably still cause earbleed.

My maop is intentionally meant to appear terrible. This theme simply adds to that ongoing joke.
If anyone cares, here’s the first one. I’m releasing the sequel due to the first’s popularity.
It has 5017 current subscribers, 120/147 positive feedback and 46 favorites.

It should please no-one that the maop has achieved universal praise. Universal. On here, youtube, twitter, forums etc.
I’ve only ever seen one vaguely negative comment. It’s only seen as negative if you REALLY stretch it’s meaning.

I would move on to cooler, more detailed maps. I have the mapping ability to do a HELL of a lot more detailed maps.
But I can’t. I’m doomed to maop for the foreseeable future.

They just…

I feel completely robbed. I expected someone to blow a fuse. I am left yearning for that moment.

It will happen! one day. I’m sure of it…
Just gotta give it some time. make another maop or so. not too long now…