logic_case Active Brush Problems

I have a logic_auto that fires on map load and round start. I have it set to trigger a logic_case and that part works fine. The problem is that the logic_case isn’t working properly. It’s supposed to spawn a random brush, and while it does do this, when the map is loaded or round ended, the previous brush that was spawned stays and another brush is enabled too.

How can i get the logic_case to add the brushes, but only have one brush active at a time?

P.S. Forgive me if the above is worded improperly, i have a migraine and i can’t think straight.

you spawn a func_brush ?
I’m not sure in Garry’s Mod but in cs games, that entity is permanent and never get reset/removed at the end of a round.
Try to use many func_wall_toggle with invisible flag. And you Toggle them via your logic_case

Awesome, that fixed it. Thanks!