Logical entities view on Hammer editor

(Sorry for my english, as always :wink: )
Hello ! I just found this night a “secret” in hammer, a thing they never released to public. I don’t know if you know, Hammer has Logical view of entities, to help you know how your entities are linked.

To achieve this view, it’s not hard. You need notepad and regedit.
First, open regedit, then go to “HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Valve/Hammer/Splitter”
Here, you can see “drawtype0,0” “drawtype0,1” “drawtype1,0” “drawtype1,1”. It’s the quad view of hammer. 0,0 is camera view, 0,1 is top, 1,0 is side, 1,1 is front
We have to change the value in one of theses lines. For this test, we will use the bottom right view.
Edit the decimal value of drawtype1,1, set it to “10” in decimal.

Then you can start hammer, select one map exist, you will see the magic !


This is a logical view of your entities, it can pretty useful when you do some things, like a custom gamemode on CS:GO.
This is tested and working on SDK 2013 and cs:go. You can’t link 2 entities with your mouse, you have to do it manually, it’s a preview.
If you want the grid like me, save your vmf, close hammer, edit your vmf in notepad, search “bShowLogicalGrid” and change the result to 1.

Have fun !