Login Problems

So apparently my email is registered which i did awhile back but i had a mac back then and it didnt run exceptionally well. I have a pc now and i want to try and start back up since it will run a ton smoother. But i forgot my password and its not even that but i cant really press the login and it wont work when I do so. Has anyone had a similar problem using the login button or is it just my internet slowly paying me back for ever owning a mac

When your information is wrong clicking login will do nothing. I forgot my password too and I’m not sure how I can play again. I’ve tried sending messages to the developers and such but it appears there’s no solution to recovering a password.

  1. Use a common password for stuff.
  2. If you distrust above, write down in locked book.
    –> If you lose key/code for book, jump off roof.

edit: but in seriousness, perhaps there should be a disclaimer or notice telling the dumb dumbs to write their passwords down? Just thinking on the customer friendly side of life.