how do i login on www.playrust.com

when i redeemed my code on steam am i even able to login on website?

You dont :rock:

Yes, but why would you need to log in?

you dont need to just play in steam

Logging in on playrust.com was important when the only way to play Rust was through the web player. They switched it for Steam, so you don’t need to really care about logging in there anymore, nearly as much.

ok i hope i dont get banned for posting because i see everyone on the website logged in though there was something special on there

Nah, you’re good man. I’m not logged and and haven’t logged in since rust went on steam, and I am still (shit)posting away! :v:

The main site and the forums have different logins. At this point you really just need the forum and steam accounts as the Playrust.com account doesn’t really do anything anymore…