Logitech G13 will not run in Rust

I was hoping if maybe one of you guys could be kind enough to help me please. I am a bit of a newbie so please forgive me.

I’ve been trying to play Rust via Steam for the past two hours with my Logitech G13, but I’m not having any luck.

For example, I have created a profile on my G13 for Rust and I pointed it to the .exe file (…\Steam\steamapps\common\Rust\legacy\rust.exe) but when I go into the game, the gaming keypad don’t seem to work.

This is really frustrating me because it doesn’t work. I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong.
Please could someone help me? Or is there a custom game profile for Rust?

All help is greatly appreciated.

the thumb buttons on the mouse? the keypad doesn’t make sense(disclaimer i don’t have a g13)

Logitech G13 is a gaming keyboard/keypad

its this…


Make sure your on the correct profile by using the on-board screen to select it when you are in-game. (The G-series profile selector app,) when the lock icon appears next to the name of the profile it is activated.

Use the key profiler program and notepad to make sure your profile is preforming correctly. Rust might go through some other programs which might screw up it’s automatic detection, so at most you will have to manually select the profile each time you start the game.

A reminder some games can directly accept inputs, use the automatic game detection feature and it might detect rust (I haven’t tried this.)

When I loaded up the game it automatically says that the Rust profile is activated on the keypad LCD. In the game just now I tried what you said, I manually changed it to another profile and then back to Rust, but still it’s not working.

on a side note why cant you use a standard keyboard like everyone else? especially if your fancy,dancy pad isnt working

I can use a normal standard keyboard but its not comfortable (I’m using a full apple keyboard). Plus the whole reason I got the pad was for long hours of gaming.

I use a Nostromo and had no issues. They should be pretty similar pads. I don’t have to connect a profile to a program, though – I just create a profile, tell it what each input should do, and it does that as long as I am in the profile no matter what program I am running.

I use the G13 also, for me it’s more confortable and my finger is at the right place on it… can’t achieve this on a regular keyboard :-/

I put my Rust profile as “default” on it so it is alway on this profile… It work well for me.

Run setpoint as admin.

i play games all day, and use a regular office keyboard and its no uncomfortable at all, but to each and his own

Unemphatic - the real reason that I want to use the Logitech G13 so badly is because I am physically disabled and have very limited movement in my arms. At the minute I’m playing for like 20 minutes and then I have to take a break because my arms either hurting or its gone numb, and trust me, trying to press keys on the keyboard whilst on the run from bears, Wolves or any damn thing trying to kill you, with a numb hand is very frustrating. lol.

Prov3rbial - Yeah, I was thinking about getting the Nostromo, but in the end I got the G13 because a lot of my gear is Logitech and because I’ve had such awesome customer service from them, I guess you can say I’m a bit of a Logitech fan boy.

I have done what you said CrazyRonny, about setting the Rust profile as default, I even set it as persistent. But still no luck.

Warm, I tried running it as administrator. I even got so annoyed I uninstalled the Logitech software for the G13 and also Rust itself, unplugged it, plugged it back in and installed the game back and newly downloaded Logitech software but still it’s not working within the game.

I have it, last I used it I had no issues

try disabling g13 joystick in device manage

tinkering with profiles and persistent mode and all that never does it for me, I just use 2 profiles really. I always have joystick disabled for that.

Additionally, disconnecting other devices (may) help as well

I use a g510 keyboard and my g keys suddenly stopped working in rus tin the last few days.

I have a Logitech K310. It’s the best keyboard for gaming because you can put it in the sink and wash it with soap and water like a dish.

got my g510 working again! I also figured out how to use logitechs LUA scripting layer to make a real autorun key. So awesome.