Logitech mouse buttons stop working when Rust is open

I’ve got a weird issue - I use a Logitech Performance MX, and when I open Rust, I can only just buttons 1 2 and 3 (LMB, RMB and the wheel). The back and forward buttons, as well as 2 other buttons that exist on the side of the mouse do absolutely nothing when they’re pushed. It is fine again when I close Rust down, so I am confident that this is the issue. I use one of the buttons on my mouse as my push-to-talk button on Teamspeak, so it’s quite an annoying issue for me.

I’ve done some searching around, but I’ve not found anyone else saying that they have the same issue.

I expect the issue lies with Logitech SetPoint, the software that they use to control what the buttons do - it’s proven to be fairly flakey in the past, but never quite this bad.

If anyone has any ideas as to how I might fix this, it would be greatly appreciated.

if i’m right, it’s that the software for the keybinds is not supported by EAC.

Any idea if there is a workaround, or if it’s something that Facepunch/EAC intend to fix? I’ve managed to find another thread about it here: http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1452055&p=47173330 which didn’t get any replies, but is talking about the same issue.

I’m surprised this isn’t a bigger issue for more people, it’s a very strange thing to do, I’ve never seen any other software go to such extreme measures for anti-cheat before.

EAC blocks things that can be macro’d, like AutoHotKey.

Macros can be used for anti-recoil scripts, which is cheating.

I get the reason it’s blocked, in a sense, but Logitech SetPoint is kind of a big deal when you’re using a logitech mouse.

With Rust open, even in the background, I can’t even use the back/forward buttons on my mouse in Chrome.

presumably they will work out a sufficient system for rebinding keys via the game that doesn’t require 3rd party software, but if/when it happens, it won’t be for a while.

EAC is tasked with providing protection from cheats, and scripts have been a problem in many FPS games. i’m under the impression they take this approach for any game they protect, and personally agree with it; i’d rather a secure game without, than a script kiddy filled game with the ability to bind macros; i just honestly can’t see a need for it beyond personal preference.

(i don’t want to bump that thread, but i’d be curious what disability he claims to have; it seems to me more like a ploy, especially given its a 1 post account that doesn’t clarify the nature of the disability.)

A friend of mine has cerebral palsy and has limited control of his left hand. Special one-handed (or otherwise specially adapted) controllers are made for gamers with physical disabilities like this. People like this very much exist.

However, one guy with extra needs is not enough of a reason for EAC to drop their security by a significant step.

I’ve played other games with varying anti-cheat software though, and none of them have stopped 50% of my mouse buttons working.

I use a Logitech G700s mouse. I’m able to bind keys using the programming software with no issues. I have most of my Rust commands like inventory, reload, steam overlay, run, duck all programmed to buttons on the mouse. No issues to date.

I’m using a logitech m560 mouse, and a logitech keyboard. The mouse doesnt work at all, beyond pointing functionality. I’ve tried rebinding the buttons to default settings, turning off setpoint, everything, and theres no making Rust not hate my mouse. I really really wish someone (I.e, Developers of either EAC or Rust) would address this problem. I mean, even to respond and just say “sorry, nothing we can do” would be nice. Right now I feel like nobody even cares.

in regards to keybinding software:

and in regards to xpadder not being blocked in 7DTD:

to be fair, you shouldn’t feel like no-one cares if this is your first post. how would anyone know you needed help?

yea i have the same problem as OP, my buttons Next/Prev and Middle click are DISABLED while running Rust, it’s a pain to navigate on internet without thoses 3 buttons. please fix, thanks.

why they block it ? EVERY other anticheats (which some are more efficients!) NEVER blocked my mouse !

also eac is blocking only 3 out of my 7 buttons (wheell right/left still working and can be remapped, left/right clicks is working too), it’s dumb.

what are you speaking about? you posted in the wrong topic i guess.

you didn’t really need to bump this thread; you have added nothing new. they currently (and did when this thread was started) block certain software on the grounds that it follows the same method to run as some cheats.

no, it’s relevent. macro functionality is often included in keybind software for things like xpadder, and as he said, can be used for things like no-recoil scripts.