"Logmein Hamachi": "Failed after 4 retries."

Uhg, this is starting to anger me deeply. I have been all around the web looking for answers.

But I can’t find anything. I feel asking here at Facepunch studios is an embarrasing resort,

So I’ll try give you every detail I possibly can.


Sometime in January, 2012. I have received my new computer. Since then, a simplistic software named “Logmein Hamachi”

(Creates a VPN so you and you peers can create game servers.(Team Fortress 2, Garry’s Mod, etc.)

Couldn’t join nor’ create servers. As I get the a message, “Failed after 4 retries”.

Usually the message shows up on the Source games. On any other kinds of games, it would do the same, won’t connect!

There is no explanation. I’m as confused as you may be.

I have done the following

Typed sv_lan 1

Typed heartbeat

Turned off firewall

Forwarded 7777

Created a game of myself.

My friends all live in the same country.

I feel it’s rather odd to post this is the Garry’s mod forums, but I feel you may have some experience with problems like
these. I really hope I can work this out.

I have an odd feeling I haven’t handed out all the details, but I know these are the main details about the problem, so I hope you can help me out with this. Thanks for reading.