Logo Conversion

Hey guys,

I am fairly new to the facepunch forums and a friend directed me here because I needed some help with modeling. I was wondering if anyone here would be willing to convert my logo into a 3D Model and give me a .mdl file. Here is the logo as it is:


Here are the source files (in .psd) for the logo:

I would really appreciate any help as I am not too good with Blender, Maya, Autodesk, or any other 3D Modeling Programs. I guess I could throw something your way if the job is done really well!

If possible I would like two files:

  1. .mdl with the logo without border
  2. .mdl with logo and fire red border around logo

Once again any help is appreciated and thanked.

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I would like to use this in SFM if that matters at all?




I’m fairly new two! As you can tell from my whole lack of knowledge of using this thing. Anyway, if the picture above works…Is that about right for your logo without borders?


With borders.

The border one is absolutely perfect. Exactly what I was looking for!

Unfortunately you can’t accept PM’s and so I can’t PM you my contact information. Could you possibly add me on steam under the name Blackglade, so I can get those model files from you?