Logout Essentials?

So guys when you all log out, what items do you decide to keep in your inventories just in case you get robbed while your sleeping, here is what no c4 wielding/glitching motherfucker is going to get their hands on, instead they will be trolled by the 40+ storage containers filled with rocks that i kindly left for them :slight_smile:


Edit: Sorry I didn’t realise image shack was the boss

If only I could get to the point where I could safely logout and not worry about the next day.

I’ve only been playing for a couple of weeks and so far I haven’t been raided since I moved house two nights ago, before then it was near enough every couple of hours. it’s all about finding the right spot :stuck_out_tongue:

I figured that was it. The best I could usually get was a shack with some decent supplies before some smartass would glitch inside or merely just shoot me through my door somehow.

Honestly though, as long as I can research at least one new item in-game before it happens I don’t care so much.

Thinking I should base somewhere out of sight and out of traffic (as in not next to a fucking rad zone) and maybe behind a hill in a place not many guys would go?

I pretty much live in a rad zone

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the way I’ve started getting successful is by only going out with a hatchet and a p250/shotgun with laser sight, food and bandages and a few barricades, then when I go and ninja all of the resources any naked bitches that come close get blown away and I take all their stuff, returning home with much more than I could ever gather on my own, one reason ill never play PVE.

I prefer to not kill new-spawns for their loot, but that is slowly changing since the last time I let a guy live close he blow me apart 2 hours later (cunning prick took like 5 shotgun blasts too.)

Rad zones are extremely good for general material gathering especially if you can grab full rad gear since it reduces rad ticks from 12 per sec to 3 effectively quadrupling the time you can fuck around inside.

I find nighttime to be an amazing time to gather supplies and stuff since most players don’t have the knowledge to change their gamma, reduces nighttime to like 2 minutes of total darkness, it’s suprising how much resources there actually is when people don’t farm it constantly.

…God damn I should start a newbie advice thread, sorry for the thread hi-jack XD

Not much of anywhere remotely close to resources is safe. I built on a hill overlooking one of the valleys and at the time it was nearly empty and I had plenty of resources to myself. 5 days later - At least 10 noticeably large homes have cropped up around me and it’s crawling with people spraying M4 rounds at each other every hour of the day until midnight rolls around and there’s only 60-70 people on. Good luck finding a secluded spot that actually has resources spawn reasonably close.