LOL DUDE's Alien Swarm SNPCs

It took me a while to figure out how much of an idiot I was for thinking that I could do this. I have no coding or modeling skill whatsoever, so I should have realized I wasn’t going to get very far. I’m sorry for getting everyone’s hopes up.

Here’s the original post in case you wanted to see what the hype was about.

This sounds awesome,hope to see it completed.

nice. the video of alien swarm is nice but is it really FREE?

Yes, the game is entirely free. You will also be able to mount content from it onto Garry’s Mod 13.

so basically, it’s one of those hl2, CSS, L4D2 and the others? they use the same engine. Damnit. I want it so much but my uncle just left me with a laptop with gmod and I don’t even know the username and password of the steam account T_T. damnit. Is it beta or is it fully released?

There isn’t a download link, so I guess that kinda speaks for itself saying “Not released”.

I may do a pre-release every once in a while when something gets to a point where it is mostly complete, sorta as an “Open Beta”.

also, keep up that work :smiley:

I’ve heard from a friend that some alien models, when ported can crash the game… i’d watch out because you might add a model and waste a crapload of time deleting and reinstalling the models because you’re unsure wich one is causing the glitch… Trust me, it’s happened to me thousands of times…

The only problem i’ve had with porting the original models is the textures not loading correctly. It’s not purple-and-black checkered, instead it’s simply invisible.

wow snpcs many great =). Good luck to you.

OFF topic : I found a mod its DOOM monster pack , inclued all monster.
-Zombies all styles (with chainsaw or not)
-Hunter Beserk
-Hunter time
-Hunter Invulnebillity

I found a mod for killing floor and unreal tournament 2004, which is all the monsters of DOOM 3 and the expansion Ressusect of evil. This mod was just unreal tournament 2004, a guy could carry them to the killing floor with all ragdolls and animations. I wonder if you behave like monsters of doom 3 for Garry’s Mod (and of course if you know) why and very hard to find someone who knows how to make an npc with own animations. If you are interested, leave the link below: and
(to contact the owner of this mod also on the site)
But waiting for her to snpcs Alien Swarm xD.

I would ask for the silver but it is already busy with Fallout snpcs and Skyrim. Now if you do not want or do not know how to port them, has no such problem snpcs alien swarm will be a success =)

Good luck to making these NPCs work. I hope to see the turrets working the most.

Just recently, i was going to remake the alien swarm drone until i heard you were doing it, but when i was trying to code them, the alien drone’s body texture was PURE plack, the claws were the only thing with detail…

Yeah, that’s probably gonna be one of the harder parts. There’s one turret stand model and 4 gun turret models, so I was gonna make 4 models with the gun turrets attatched to the stands, like the TF2 sentry.

I hope this doesn’t turn out angrypepper style when it’s released.

Trust me, it won’t. All the SNPCs are going to be possesable, there will be additional Alien SNPCs, and there will also be weapons.

Yeah yeah… i got it already, i’m a dumbass.

does this need alien swarm to work?

No. This is being made for the latest retail version of GMod, which cannot mount Alien Swarm content. Therefore, all materials will be included.

I wanted to voice my support for the continuation of this project. So much so that I am willing to help in any field necessary.

Are you scripting this to be compatible with Garry’s Mod 13 (for when it is released)? If you don’t have beta access, I’m willing to help you out as I do have beta access.

Anyways, hope the progress on this mod is coming along!