Lol, Finally I can afford this game!

Yay! Now the game is like 30bucks with 39keys remaining!!!

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Sweet gj

Have fun

Three days ago the auction closed out at like $38.xx. Yesterday it was $34.5x. Today it was $30.xx. Looks like there is a fairly large pocket between the groups of people willing to buy. So I guess all the little kids spending mommy and daddy’s money have gotten a key. Now it’s time for the people with their own money.

I’ll be waiting to see how fast the final sale rolls off. I’m hoping to pick up a key for under $10.

10 bucks I’d say you’ll be waiting. Very odd it went at 30. I thought the weekend would skyrocket again

Every one who wanted a key already has one, (very bad). They sold out at like 59 for a while.

The reason why it probably went so low today is the fact that the US server is down, so the (I can’t wait 2-3 hours for the price to drop factor) wasn’t there today. Maybe I’m totally wrong.

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