[LoL] Heavy has new weapon!


Bloom hurts my eyes. Posing is okay.

Bloom is terrible, posing is okay but somehow I still chuckled. Good job.

TF2 posing is nothing without this amount of bloom becouse it fits :stuck_out_tongue:
(standard TF2 bloom btw)

No. Not it doesn’t. It’s WAY to high, and honestly it feels like it’s going to burn my eyes out.

NEVER use bloom in-game, unless you know what you’re doing. Which you obviously don’t, in this case.


Looking at your previous “creations”

This looks TONS better.

Nah sorry, but the bloom in that picture sucks.

I must admit it’s hilarious tho, especially the last one.

Made me almost chuckle. Have a funny.

That’s p. good, the bloom just ruined it.

tnx :smiley: and yeah bloom is a bit too much (or its just a sunny day? :D)


My eyes don’t bleed during sunny days… what am I doing wrong?

too much PC? :stuck_out_tongue:

I like the idea. :v:

I see, so the more I stay in front of my PC, the less the sun will hurt my eyes? Interesting logic there.

That makes no sense. He said too much PC made your eyes bleed on a sunny day.

Posing is good and the concept is funny. But… I’m not even gonna tell you about the bloom.

the last one was pretty funny, but i think you’ve got the point about the bloom by now xD

funny, but like everyone else said, the bloom was too much

First image is wrong…it isnt "i see spy!" its “ICEE SPY!”
someone take that thing away from heavy before he makes us all deaf

Nice ideeer thar. Funny.

I love the engineer’s faceposing.