LOL Owning a Player On GMOD.BIZ

Lol, this was such a win in the end

Ima call this my new Gaming Sport :smiley:

the video may be ‘‘win’’ but the fps is fail.

Yeah there Server, LAGS ALOT

why play on a server that lags?

I Used to play on it, But i only go on there Like few times a month

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This will probably Be my only video On

You mean probably?

Fixed :3

I don’t get what the point of the video was.

It was boring and full of stupid remarks like ‘lol ^^’ and general unfunniness

It’s people like you that ruin the fun of roleplay

was roleplay ever fun?

your FPS sucks, you used dubstep in the vid, you use IE, and your spelling is horrible. you’re obviously A CHAV! QUICK! DOUSE THE THREAD IN PETROL AND RUN! IT HAS BEEN TAINTED!

yes, with your presence it surely has been tainted.

I don’t get it.

you managed to make garry’s mod look about as good as a java game. i fucking congratulate you.


Go back to Gaia Online if you’re going to BUMP without content.