LOL wanker haha :D

(User was banned for this post ("undescriptive thread title" - postal))

Ahah this is funny

I feel like this should be a permanent feature.

Looooool damn straight hahah

People gotta learn how to embed videos…

i’ve tried embedding videos and it simply doesn’t work for me for some reason. i’ve seen other people state the same thing. for some reason it just hyperlinks the text.

on another note, “lol wanker haha :D” is not a descriptive title for this thread. lets follow the rules folks.

This is what I dislike about people, they would sooner piss on someone than explain how to do something correctly. Educate, don’t ridicule.

Remove the ‘s’ in https://

It will embed properly then.

Since there is no intent to fix the forum, perhaps the text “Remove the ‘s’ in https://” could be added to the Insert Video Clip dialog. It would eliminate a lot of the followup posts saying exactly that in threads like this.

Aww wittle guy is having a good dweam.

I didn’t ridicule anyone, I just said “people gotta learn…”

If I were ridiculing I’d say something more along the lines if “Stupid dumbass, can’t even embed a video cuz he’s an autist.”
This isn’t something I’d say or think… why not get mad at the real assholes rather than the semi-assholes like myself?

There are examples all over the forums for assisting with posting new topics / replies. Sievers posted the embedded video and stated his purpose for doing so. There isn’t any ridicule within the reply. It was simply a “this is why I am reposting his video” reason. If he were to post how to embed a video on every posting of this matter, sooner or later it would get about as annoying as another facepunch poster with his VAC Ban video post.