LOlL DDoss... from rust clan SxG


Change your name, don’t join random team-speaks with the name you want to use for rust.

Would you happen to have any proof ? Bounce the packets

It isn’t the same at all they said i could join i got there and than this all happened…

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Indeed i do :O, Here ill give you it…

How is a mod supposed to stop some shit from DOSing you after getting your IP from a Teamspeak server? What are they supposed to do? Call the cops and have the kid’s computer confiscated? Besides, it’s likely not even a DDOS, just a DOS.

bmatchett, think about shit before you make threads to cry about it.


Why you didn’t just restart your modem to get a new IP address instead of complaining about people who can’t help you baffles me.

Yeah, do this. Restart your modem/router and it’ll fetch you a new IP address. Suddenly, he can’t DOS you.

Lol at this thread.

Not all modem/routers will reset your IP automatically.

Sometimes you’d have to leave it overnight.

You were fucking part of it ass wipe… your like 30 doing this to someone that’s like 15. WHat the helll is wrong with you fag.

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bmatchett, change your name in-game or get your IP changed, simple as that. They can’t do anything about this.

I understand I was not making this thread to bitch. I made it to get ride of these types of players.

Man that sucks, luckily I try to keep to myself and not get involved in this finger pointing. That my only advice for you, don’t put yourself in the middle of drama-queens

And how do you propose the mods do that? Facepunch is not the whole Internet, man, and the mods don’t have the power to stop someone from sending data out of their cable modem.

Requesting this thread be taken out back and gassed before it attracts more drama and stupid.

this is funny, considering all you do is rant and troll on these forums.