Lollipop Chainsaw Models

heres the main characters costumes/Npcs/Bosses.
EDIT Lewis and nicks full body are missing.
all models are rigged in psk format

Down.(I wont reup sorry but getting them taken down twice sooner or later ill get a SD the models are still on xnalara though.
Grasshopper Manufacture

thank you :smiley:

Upper right corner. Deadman Wonderland?!

I hope someone makes these very soon.

I included it in this picture just because it was deadman wonderland, Love that show.

There’s a Deadman Wonderland reference in Lollipop Chainsaw?

That’s not something I would expect from a game like that…

She’s coming along pretty well. Just gotta work on the physics and faceposing, then she’s done!

Then how long will it be before we see sex poses everywhere?..

Give it a week. Most people are in their own 4th of July celebration.

I already released Juliet, but great job on working on her again for faceposing.

On a different topic, why not just use the xnalara models that were ripped?

Xnalara would be the same as using the psk models i released

Hell yea, it is beyond awesome. :dance:

Would be better to use these models instead of the xnalara ports. Some porters reparent “bones” somewhere else that might otherwise be more useful for a gmod port.

Btw Plasmid why are these models like 100mb+ in file size? I’m gonna assume its textures right?

yeah, multiple 2048x2048 textures, each one is around 11-16 mb and there is 24 costumes… they need to compress those textures better.

Actually your .psk format takes a WHOLE shitload out of converting from mesh.ascii to 3ds max format. That shit REALLY sucks. Trust me.


Released in models section! Will probably do more skins soon.

why is Ghostcape rating everything dumb?

He probably hates the game and thinks everyone else should. Or he’s new and has nothing better to do… maybe a mixture of the two. Its kinda like youtube… why bother watching a video knowing that you already hate it… just so you can dislike and tell people you hate it? People also badmouth/threaten celebs to get attention too.

sorry, almost forgot what I was talking about.

your mistaken, PSK imports a rigged model just the same as ASCII, trust me I also know both formats pretty well, and its not like facing posing is ganna take you longer with psk since of course the face is still rigged.
PSK and ASCII have no real difference in the end, they are both max compatible, PSK only flaws are its welds the mesh into one, that you can still use element select with.

Btw I decided to do shiro’s skin real quick since its the one I really want in gmod, ill do some face posing later
and add a AO map so it doesnt look so bland.

Because he obviously can only play COD and games like this cause him brain strain.

Would it be possible to make her skin look albino like Shiro’s?