Lollipop Chainsaw Models

ill make it a skin group

Edit: updated download on OP with Npcs and Bosses.

Would it be possible for you to upload Lewis Legend and Nick too? There’s his head model somehwre and a full one i think… if not that’s fine^^ Thx for these already

Nick’s head is in there already, his filenames refer to him as “Romeo”. I don’t see his full body anywhere, though, and Lewis is indeed missing.

Edit: Check that, Nick’s head model is there. The only Nick texture present is for his face when Rosalind puts makeup on him.

I obviously went through this port to lazily, sorry about that I guess I missed some stuff.

hi Plasmid , thank you for all ur releases , can i ask u why the link is down?

becuz it is down so u shuld just pm him

The XNAlara model pack I got had both the head and default models. I tried to port them myself because **everyone refused to help **(Don’t you dare marking this post as dumb),almost finished, but looks like the texture directories need reassigning and the model needs to be rescaled. I’d be very grateful if someone could give me a hand.

Plasmid, what’s so funny about that?

the “everyone refused to help” and “(Don’t you dare marking this post as dumb)” part
is everyone refusing to help you? or are they all just busy with their own stuff? google is a great source to learn what you need to. and honestly you shouldnt care what people are rating you its such a trivial thing to worry about.