LOLOL DES clan....

Me and my group just destroyed the DES clan until they lag switched and killed all of us at the same time. That clan is the biggest bunch of fail gamers I have ever seen. <3 to you guys though without you guys we wouldn’t have anyone to make fun of! Can’t wait for this fix. Will make this game so much better! :smiley:

(User was banned for this post ("dumb drama" - postal))

And here’s proof that they n-step

lol you guys keep saying the same thing and keep showing the same exact video that doesn’t show anything of only one team member that you claim lag switched you. There is tons of us and we go out on a daily basis. If we actually did that crap don’t you think you guys would have actual videos of us. I don’t even know how to lag switch or all this duping crap you guys claim we do. I make thousands of metal and stuff each day taking hours at a time so ya our team is going to have lots of gear. All I know is there are tons of people that run around and cheat but we don’t. So quit posting the same old video and shut up until you guys actually have something new to show us. Thanks

Oh P.S. how bout you guys use the same name on the forums and you use in game. It would be nice to know who is saying all this stuff because almost every time we fight people lag us so I would like to rule out the idea that maybe you guys lag switch. Look forward to playing in game with you all

P.S I do lolol

lol I’ve been lag n-steeped by your clan like 3 times at least you might not n-step but i know for a fact you clan does that’s how they bring all that gear back to you and if you go onto the server and ask everyone will say the same.

I know they lagstep, I’ve been with them for a few days and all of them cheat without any conscience.

I left the clan due to them being a bunch of cheating retards.

Edit: I forgot to mention they all don’t know how to aim.

Well obviously, they want this stupid crap of n stepping to even, especially how this somewhat clan, is abusing the game.

You guys did it SEVERAL times to us yesterday. When we were INSIDE of our buildings one of you idiots came by and lag switched inside our buildings killed a guy several times AND STOLE the stuff from inside a building behind steel doors.

If you’re not lag switching, you’re doing something worse.