Lolscript - Griefing Script

Origionally made just for my use and the use of a few close friends, I have decided to release “lolscript”, which is a compilation of useful griefing tasks. Some of the code is not origional to me, however most of it is.

Yes, most of this is inneficient or juvenile code. Its not a gamemode nor something that needs to be “supr kewl coed”, so I’m not worried about it.
Features(you could call them that)
[li]Name randomizer (1-16 chars long, using special characters)
[/li][li]Name “copycat” (copies other players names)
[/li][li]Sticky Variables (Your settings are saved)
[/li][li]Server crashers
[/li][li]chat spammer
[/li][li]admin detecter
[/li][li]Simplified aimbot
[/li][li]Crosshair mod
[/li][li]ESP (with a small and large type)
[/li][li]Other stuff
How to use this
Once you download the zip, extract it to your garrysmod/garrysmod folder. Use lol_help in game to learn the rest of the commands (or look below)

Commands (Some of these commands are also in the Q-Menu tab)

lol_togglestick--- Turn variable saving on or off (Saves your lolscript settings)
lol_name       --- Randomly changes your name every 1 second. Prevents most admin functions (THIS IS A TOGGLE)
lol_copy       --- Randomly changes your name every 1 second to another persons name.(THIS IS A TOGGLE)
lol_fuckthis   --- Will SPAM 100 Props, Hopefully crashing the server. THIS CANNOT BE STOPPED ONCE STARTED.
lol_barrel     --- Will SPAM 100 Explosive Barrels, and if the server doesnt crash you can shoot them k.
lol_idk        --- I dont fucking know what this does, but THIS CANNOT BE STOPPED ONCE STARTED.
lol_setchat    --- Sets the Chat spam text. By Default this is 'OH NOE' (USE QUOTES)
lol_chat       --- Will automatically spam chat every 1 second (THIS IS A TOGGLE)
lol_admins     --- Finds all admins on the server (If they are a member of superadmin / admin
lol_hud        --- Turn on and off the HUD (TOGGLE)
lol_esp        --- Turn on and off the ESP (TOGGLE)
lol_hair       --- Turn on and off the Crosshair (TOGGLE)
lol_esptype    --- Toggles between the large and small ESP modes
lol_adminalert --- Turn on and off notifying you if an admin logs in (TOGGLE)
lol_aim      --- Turn on and off the Aimbot (TOGGLE) -Commands below require this to be on
     =>lol_cancel   --- Cancels the lock on a player
     =>lol_headshot --- Turns headshots on or off (TOGGLE)
     =>lol_teamshot --- Turns Team aiming on or off (TOGGLE)

New with 5.9:

[li][UPDATE] Updated the Q menu minutely
[/li][li][ADD]Sticky Variables (Settings Savings), and toggle for it
[/li][li][ADD] Crosshair (lol_hair)

Older changes:

[li][ADD] Mini ESP, and toggle for it
[/li][li][ADD] Will notify of admins with GUI(lol_adminalert), on by default
[/li][li][ADD] GUI notification
[/li][li][UPDATE] Redid lol_help
[/li][li][ADD] "lol_teamaim" -- Toggles locking targets on your team
[/li][li][FIX] Changed how the aimbot calculates the head position (it was glitched on some models)
[/li][li][UPDATE] Made it harder to detect this script

Note: When I made and remade this, I wasn’t even considering releasing it. Since then I have lost my home internet due to my ISP dropping me after a DDoS attack, and have no reason not to release it. Enjoy(or not).

(User was permabanned for this post ("Releasing others' work without credit / alt of banned user anthony1212" - mahalis))

Oh boy, this is gonna be fun.

Heck yeah

Looks malicious indeed.

Now Lolscript aint cool anymore.

I remember when Bomber and me used to AimBot on Fortwars, Now everyone will be doing it ;(

You’ve broken my heart, Bomber :frowning:

I remember when Bomber and me used to AimBot on Fortwars, Now everyone will be doing it ;(

You’ve broken my heart, Bomber :frowning:

…And thus Bomber liberates himself completely from the vice known as the internet.

broke my heart bomber </3

Weren’t you selling this to idiots for $10 a while back?

Now, someone just needs to create a small server-side script that detects players using this, and either auto-bans them, or creates a server-wide notification that the player is using it. Should be simple.

Yeah, he did.

Ah. Hah. Ha!

Lol I love how he has ONE post. Rofl.

Then give credit, God damnit.

LiShuside bomber.

Haha look at this:
[lua]for k, v in pairs(player.GetAll()) do
if v:Nick() ~= LocalPlayer():Nick() then[/lua]
if v ~= LocalPlayer() works too you know…

Maybe this isnt my only account.

the ESP looks was based on an admin mod which took it from another mod, both names have slipped my memory. That is the only reason they arent given credit.


This’ll be fun

Nothing interesting in it.

Only boring shit you could do yourself (Like spamming barrels