Lolscript - Griefing Script

But it makes it easier! I still don’t like this script… Ihave a bad feeling.

Barrell spamming is literaly 3 lines out of the over 400 in the script.

True, But the only thing that’s interesting about it is the name changers.

I’d agree that is the best part, but I find the other things useful if not interesting.

I never got lol_admin to work i’m afraid. Does the flood mod servers use some other sort of admin system?

I prefer using large numbers of char(255). It makes it look like I have no name, and apparently, it doesn’t show up in admin mods. But hey, it took a good 20 minutes of me spamming and killing admins before some random guy joined and said how to ban with steamid + status. I’m not going to trust them to use a list with buttons right.

This script probably can’t pick up admins from Assmod or ULX kp, which might be why it wouldn’t show you the admins…Flood only uses whatever admin mod you have installed. I think…

Why not change your name to " "? Invisible player?

People noticed the name copier directly because there was a space infront of the name, couldn’t you put it behind the name?

I put the data and the lua in to garrysmod/garrysmod started garrysmod but when I tried getting lol_help it did not work. Am I doing something wrong?

7th month year old bump, of cause its not gonna work now.