So I was on a fresh server running around… there is a fairly large pop. (peaks at around 50ppl in the day)

And right in the middle of hanger area was a naked sleeper… figured he just had the usual torch + bandage… but I killed him anyways (with my rock)

And in his bag he had a M4, a Mp5, 4 research kits. schematics for halo, red dot, and flashlight…

and a sheeton of other resources… jackpot!:quagmire:

Just wondering, why would you log out there?

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  1. He may have not logged off, but was disconnected or crashed.

  2. He may have just decided to leave the server and wanted to give his stuff to whoever found him first.

  3. Why was this thread made?

  1. True, that would suck

  2. fair nuff.

  3. I thought it was funny, and I’m bored at work :frowning:

  4. better then more dinosaurs.

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Dinosaur WRAARRR