I was on the edge of DYING from a serious case of boredom. I was rummaging around the sound files and found a few funny ones so I thought I would make a really quick video incorporating those sounds. So you can say, rate and do WHATEVER you like to this video I don’t care, it was for a joke and a giggle.

Link to video:

Next time when you’re bored spend time and put effort into it, then you will have spent time on making a good video and not some shitting down a neck video.

Have you made any videos?

Yes but I can’t upload them due to youtube being a jerk.

Care to be abit more specific as I have difficulty understanding what you mean.

That was unfunny and a waste of my time.

What the hell


reminds of me something I made back in 2006, Hezzy or some super mod said this “don’t use sound files you found in your css server”

It’s a shame, cos I see that some of your other videos are quite good.

I am NOT trying to build a reputation here as “the guy who makes really good videos”. I am simply having FUN.

Reputations here don’t matter.
The forum or this section can be summed up as the most flame war happy, and least moderated.
thats my opinion though.
section needs more people like you though, to serious here.

Keep making videos, all I got to say.

I wasn’t implying that in the first place anyways, I was referring to what Deri102 said. But I understand where your coming from.


And thank you for the comment. I agree, people are WAY too serious, it’s all about fun at the end of the day and people forget that.