London 1 Down AGAIN

London 1 Official server have been down several times the past 2 days, currently it’s offline.

Yeah its getting abit ridiculas and we wont even get a reasonable explaination!

We have to wait 30+ minutes to play 10 minutes on a Laggy server with lots of hackers… Not worth it :confused: i might change servers.

Man if only there were hundreds of other server to choose from…

Server is down… any ETA for getting it back online? thanks.

London 1 up for about for 5 min, then down again.

maybe it’s another genius like this guy

I don’t know why so many of you play official.

Boggles the mind.

Those severs are literally testing grounds and are left to rot. Play community or modded with a decent staff if you want a good gameplay experience.

I think you are spot on and might move from offical to community, do you perfer Mod or normal?

London 1 seems to be working fine now.

NEW RECORD :smiley:

London 1 appears to be offline again D:

whats your in-game name?

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we know whats causing the crashes…
i can tell you ingame

this time we got a message in chat saying,
“Restart in 60 seconds”
and it kept going 55,50,45… and then server restarted… but took a long ass time for it too open :confused: atleast this time we knew server was closing and didnt get disconnected outside.

London I where are thou?

It’s down again, seems many servers are down though, maybe a new update??

Funny man lol :slight_smile:

I’ve mentioned this in another post too, but also Londons are under DDoS attack.

London 1 is down