London 1 having major lag issues

London 1 is currently lagging and has been for over 12 hours. It’s unplayable. The server keeps disconnecting and reconnecting. I’m presuming this is a result of a ddos attack?

My question is when will this be resolved/when can I actually play the game on that server?

yeah this is becoming stupidly annoying

-london1 professional ruskilover

EDIT: yeah, only playing cause i don’t want to start getting all the bps again on another officials :confused:

Way more than annoying, its completely unplayable. Yet, I continue to play. I don’t know why.

Its broken, please some admin look at it (WIPE IS NOT A SOLUTION). Thanks.

London III is down and have been for 24 hours. Maybe a connection between these cases?

why do people continue to struggle and fight in official servers when they can’t cope with restarts/wipes and down time? the official servers are for testing; if you want a stable experience, go to a community server.

Community servers are pretty bad, low population, unexpected wipes and sometimes abusing admins. So official servers are the only option.

i suppose everyone has to do what they can live with, but above are numerous complaints about the official servers being unstable. if one community server doesn’t suit, just try the next. there are plenty of them out there:)

Thousands. Come play.

The server is still unplayable, it has gone from 150+ people online most days to around 40 - 60. Keeps disconnecting and lagging hard. I build/gathered a lot and I was hoping I could actually use my stuff on that server before the wipe. The lag is stopping that from happening.

I see attempting to play on official as a kind of masochistic excercise in self flagellation. It is not going to be fun.

Just throwing this out there - nothing has been done. The server has remained online yet completely unplayable for over a week without any staff/dev’s/web admins even announcing that they are aware of the problem. All you have to do is log into London 1/2 and see the problem.

" We run under the assumption that if something is broke you know we’re going to fix it"


i would prefer if the communicated more but hey you get what you get.

Well the server is down now and has been for almost 18 hours so I am assuming it is under maintenance therefor I’m assuming it’s being fixed/looked into :slight_smile:

its back up, you have to change your rust to dev dev branch tho, so its a bit of hassle to play on london 1 atm

Same map but wiped, I’d like to keep playing it but with another wipe coming next week and with it being in dev mode (meaning not so many people are on it) then I’ll give it a miss I think. :slight_smile:

And how do you switch to DEV DEV branch with Steam?

Thanks for your help.

incase you’re not trolling :stuck_out_tongue:

Second mouse button on your rust icon in your steam library - hit properties - hit betas - under “select the beta you would like to opt into:” choose “devlopment - the latest updates.”

Your rust will update and you can join the server.

If you dont get any betas to choose from restart steam. It buggs out quite often

Thank you so much!
I connected and saved all my stuff :wink:

Thank you Sibs.

I can’t get more than 3 mins straight of smooth play time on this server… What’s the problem?