London 1 is down aswell

No announcements or something to explain why London I and II are down?

Would love to hear something from the mods. Really sucks sleeping in the snowy mountains, alone, and with all that phat lewt :<

Yeah, seems like they are not keen to post up announcements, it’s been a couple of hours since it’s down.

This is getting slightly annoying why is it always london 1?

And the sad thing is that this server is an official one…

Would be nice to at least know why, and if its coming back up, its a pain investing all that time on one server, i dont wanna go and be a hobo elsewhere :frowning:

So, I had enough waiting, good job Facepunch for caring about the community so much. Keep it up this way and you’ll lose the respect.

I agree some announcement from developers will be good to have, considering Rust is a game where you have to “invest” time to actually reach a good stable point (a good base and some weapons). If the servers are going down so often or getting reset at uneven times (like the last week) players are losing all their hard work.

Please inform us more on the official servers status and availability.