London 1 Lag / Crash Issues

I’m playing on london 1 for a while now, and i was waiting for wipe. When it finally got to it, lags / Crashes started…
Its usually at same time so its obviously DDoS problem cous i know servers can take a lot more players since it already did without lag…

So i’m asking for OFFICIAL Answer:

  • Are you working on this problem?
  • What are odds that this will be fixed and when?
  • Do you even know for London 1 issues?

maybe next week.
yes, but don’t care.

Go outside… say hi to your poor mom. Get some sun…

I’m still not getting any response except of this moron above me…

Lags are still here even after update… whats going on? are you not capable of buying anit ddos or?

The Ireland server is the same too since the wipe, the lags are really bad on it. I have contacted facepunch support about the Ireland server and the response I got was as follows;

So, from that I am taking it that unless you can be bothered to play with the lag, etc - Your best bet is to find another server, probably a “community server” where there is usually admins online to can help you with any issues you may have.

PS. I see that you’re from Croatia, perhaps you may benefit from playing on a server closer to home?

Test server… For testing…

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Your not going to get a official answer. The official servers are for testing because this shit is in alpha. They are testing new patchs of solfware on the servers and everyone playing is a play tester. It could be code, it could ddos attacks. But know the devs are busy and don’t maintain the servers. So just chill out, play a different game and come back to rust in 3-5 days.