London Calling (a first-person, interactive adventure)

You wake up on a row of hard, plastic seats. You have no idea who or where you are, or how you got here. However, the ticket machines and BT phone booths, along with the bus stop in the distance, mean that you must be somewhere in London.

You try to raise yourself from the seat, but stop when you realise that your pockets are full of objects. Emptying them onto the seats, you examine them closely: two bottles of mineral water, one takeaway bag full of…something, and a crumpled scrap of paper. The paper looks like a train ticket, but the text on it is smudged and hard to read.

What are you going to do now?

eat what ever is in the bag

i mean whatever it is, even if it’s feces.

blow up london with your mineral water

Stand up, ask that woman what the time/date is.

You go out to the street and ask the lady if she knows the time.

“Well, the date’s the 16th of July, 2011- surely you should know that. And the time’s 4:30 in the afternoon…”
A desperate look of realisation crosses her face.

“Holy bollocking mingebags! I’ve forgotten to pick up the kids from school!” the woman screams. She runs back down the road, shrieking and yelling as the pedestrians laugh at her predicament.

Returning to your items on the seat, you see that the bag has been stolen, leaving an ugly and foul-smelling smear of something brown, sticky and disgusting. Just as well you didn’t eat that thing. You’ve only got the two water bottles and the train ticket.
What now?

Put the 3 in your backpack… you may need to use the train ticket to get out of the city sometime.

You have no backpack, so you pocket the mineral water bottles - however, you inspect the ticket to see what it says.

The time on the ticket says that the train leaves at 16:40, and the woman earlier said that the time was half-past 4 in the afternoon. This means that the train leaves in 10 minutes! You don’t know where Greenhill is, or even if there’s anything significant there. But you feel that, somehow, Greenhill could hold the key as to why you ended up in a tube station in London with no memory of anything else.
What are you going to do?

“You have no idea who or where you are, or how you got here.”

Is anybody else getting SERIOUSLY tired of this?

Ask every one! And run!

OK, so maybe the story of waking-up-in-random-location is getting a bit boring. London Calling, however, will definitely promise a new take on these types of comics, despite being my first ever one! Just you wait! It’s the only one to be set in England so far, it’s set entirely in first-persion, it’s full of humor- just some of the great things about London Calling! If you can find a fault about the comic apart from it being a staple of a tired old genre, then I will give you…something…:ohdear:

What iz zat mapz?


Can has ticket machinez?