London Dev server rife with hacks

I have put 700 hours into this game only to have groups of my clan wiped out by a single person with a fucking bow.

Players Barry white and Tomoose have 100% hacks, they for sure have ESP, Sound hack, and aimbot.

I and many other players have witnessed these hacks as he wipes out guys with full gear just with a bow from miles away.

I have seen his arrows change direction mid flight, ive seen him fire arrows into the air then fall down and fly straight intro a headshot.

I have quit the game now and many of my clan members have as well. the server is ruined. all the hard many and hours we put into it now a complete waste of time.

We are scared to leave our base because we just get insta head shotted.

No admins or devs online to moderate the server.

Lets not even start when they also have guns

Thanks a lot guys, I won’t be back until these hacks are stomped out or you pay somebody to moderate the official servers

[ <------ brand new steam account and low lvl rust playing time has little friends + tomoose who is also hacking with an aimbot type hack havent seen them fly but we have seen fast movement speed with 3 shot bursts of the ak47 and dead. arrow straight into the air and killed one of our players instantly… i have watched him from afar and up close he can toggle them on and off. the game now is at a big disadvantage to the survival aspect

My base was just ruined by hacker on amsterdam 3 man… Somathing has to be done on official server, and quickly.

this is the hack being used

Regarding hacks, hacker reporting, and server advertising. Please read before posting about them

Not seen a single hacker, get off the official servers there crap, find a good vanilla server with good admins and enjoy.

So everyone on the server agrees this guy is a hacker… most have tweeted @RustHackReport and most have reported him on steam… Yet this guy is still here ruining the game and talking shit? Can we get this sorted please