London - Development Mode (non proc) - Server down for ever?

Hi guys,

London - Development Mode (non proc) is offline longer as 1 day… ? Why ? Come the server back ? Last two weeks the server had many off times…


Elixwhitetail why does you read every post and tag it Dumb. Help this guy or read another thread but stop this useless shit.
PS: i dont care about rating

I don’t?

I believe you, that’s why you did this (I bet you didn’t even read my post in the GTA megathread):

And then you called me out in this thread. :goodjob:

I readed all and they was all Dumb.
Edit: Funny is your new Dumb :slight_smile:

elixwhitetail its a moron. help other users and stop insult…

well done guys. you derailed your own thread to question his opinion.

arn, the servers go down from time to time. typically it’s updates, but it could be anything. just wait it out, and play on another server in the mean time. it’s a pretty simple solution, i’d say that’s why you caught a “dumb”.