London Development Server Ban Appeal

Hello, I am writing this in the hope that one of the admins or developers (such as Garry) will see it, last night I was banned from the London Development Server for asking Garry “Why is the server restarting so much today” to which I got a raging response from him “IF YOU DON’T LIKE RESTARTS DON’T PLAY ON OFFICAL SERVERS” followed by a ban before I could much as say I was just asking a damn question…

Obviously anyone in their right mind knows that this is completely unacceptable, I have played Rust for 200+ hours and the entire time it has been only on the London Development server (and one other battlefield modded server for practice at the combat in-game) as such I have almost all the bps bar a few on that server and it took me a long bloody time to get them all…

Obviously now I find myself with no bps on a totally new server all because Garry was in a bad mood when I asked him why the servers where restarting so much, I have attempted to contact Garry about this in a polite fashion even giving him an apology (for what I am not really sure…) and have been ignored at least at the time I am writing this… Furthermore I have looked into other ways of appealing/resolving this ban but haven’t found anything…

(I don’t even know if I am in the right place and if I am not can someone please point me in that direction)

But obviously this is a big deal for me, Rust in one of the few games I actually play and enjoy, and to receive a ban from the only server I use and have worked and grinded on for so long simply because I asked a question when a developer was in a bad mood and thus get banned is completely disgusting and shows a complete lack of professionalism and lack of respect for the customer.

So, Garry if you are reading this (or anyone else in a position to remove this ban) please un-ban me from the London Development server, if you need any additional information in order to do so please contact me via my email on this account thank you…

I don’t think you understand the purpose of development servers. The reason for the frequent restarts is in the server title. Banning you (and others with no goddamn clue how software is developed) from the Dev server was logistically the correct thing to do IMHO.

probably also worth looking over the forum rules, specifically the garry clause. if he banned you, that’s pretty much a tough luck unless he changes his mind.

that said, he only banned you from that one server (ie it wasn’t a manual EAC ban) so you got off pretty lightly. it also wasn’t hardcoded into the game ala ironpi, so again, got off pretty light.

i’d also hazard a guess that it wasn’t as simple as asking him a single question. he can be short, but he’s not that big an asshole. approaching him via the forum is probably the best move, but no guarantees he will reverse it, and i would suggest you keep in mind that he has no obligation to allow you to play the game any more than you have.

And now, he could just have said that.

Hmmm… based on how people talk in game chat, and how people post questions on here… I question whether you said:

"“Why is the server restarting so much today”, word for word.

I highly doubt that would set someone off to rage ban a player.

jumonjii I barely use game chat so I don’t really know what you are getting at here… I mean this post isn’t about starting an argument I mean I have told you the events how they occurred and I am asking for help… if you believe me or not is hardly relevant though if you don’t believe me I hardly see the point in commenting anything since it helps no one… :confused:

mrknifey as I said above I have told you what I said if you believe it or not is pointless… and yes… he only banned me from one server the one and only server I really use and the one I had 200+ hours of bp collections from… not to mention I know the main stay players of the London dev server (meaning I not only have to spend more hours to get my bps all back but I also need to get to know an entirely new community…)

As for Garry apparently having no obligation to “allow” me to play the game… I completely disagree I an many others pay our hard earned money to play his game… as such his job as the game dev is to allow us to play it… that would be like buying a toothbrush and then being told you cannot use it to brush your teeth… obviously if I was an abusive hater then there is actual reasons to not allow me to play but obviously that is not the case here…

Fact is Garry from what I have gathered from his Steam account as well as accounts from other Rust players… is that he is not by any means a nice and decent person and given as I already said he claims on his steam account that if he is in a bad mood and you add him to contact him he “might say bad words to you” that statement alone more than proves he is the type of person to abuse his power and banned a perfectly decent player for no other reason than he is in a mood…

Alot of people here need to quit sucking on Garry’s log and rubbing his gooch. OP is right to be pissed.

You still don’t get it, haha. You play in a development server. The servers that get updated all the time to test patches before the main population gets it. You asking why it’s restarting so much is the equivalent to asking why garry is developing the game. If you took 5 minutes out of your precious day to actually find out what the server is for, then other people wouldn’t have to answer your stupid question. You got banned because clearly you aren’t the kind of person who is utilizing the dev server correctly, and you are therefore useless to garry. That’s why you have to find a new server now, and I highly recommend that you don’t join another dev server

well that’s a lot of assumptions all ballled into one post.

  1. i said that it’s unlikely to be as simple as you asking one question and getting banned. until i see feedback from garry, i’m dubious of the information i’m being provided. people lie, extrapolate and change details subconsciously, especially when they are upset/frustrated. and in my own dealings with garry, i have not found him to be as unreasonable as you are describing him.

  2. you purchased early access to a game in development, not the game. and you did so under the express advice that the experience may change at the devs will. so wipes, restarts etc are par for the course, as would the game becoming literally anything else. you and anyone else saying the same thing are under the mistaken assumption that the game is ready to play, and getting in the way of development by demanding that the server isn’t restarted…

  3. no admin is obliged to allow you to play on their server, whether they are a private host or a game dev. you haven’t been stopped playing the game; just playing on this server, because you irritated the server owner. right or wrong, it’s well within their rights.

  4. you got off easy. garry has 2 players steam id’s hardcoded as banned in rust. he and the other devs can activate a manual EAC ban, and lock you out of every protected server. he banned you from one server when he could have erased you from the game. be grateful, not entitled and demanding and it’s possible you might get a reversal. but as the rules of the forum suggest, be a cock to him, and expect a reaction you dislike.