london I crushes

When this server start work properly ? now it crush every 15 min

Yes it really crushes your spirit :s

crashed again that was bes 10 min of gameplay in my life

same with amsterdam

Same here, wish my crush would return the feelings

same with some community servers :frowning:

And best part at this moment there 4 ppl around base raiding us with 1 cheater in team who jump on our 3-rd floor from ground fire with 100% acc on open place and prefired me when i change dislocation from window to window. At this moment i die 8 time and all 8 time only 1 from this 4 kill me

Have you taken screenshots? Easy to ban people if you have evidence, as i achieved this 2-3 days ago?

nope, i saw his jumping and say by voice: i see you bastard. and get permament 180 degrees headshoot from my own roof where he take my bolt.

We owned you fair and square and we warned you, just remember, you started this war lol it’s our base now

This time your friend only use aim and wh. even he disabled most obviously high jumping don’t mean what you win fair so Wish him die from cancer and for his team some OCD

No-ones hacking dude lol, your base had weakpoints, its simple

you too often use “lol” lol, base was weak thats true but not so weak as skill of your team. from 4-5 guys only one kill me 8 times whole times with 100% acc with exception when he prefired me about 4 times when im stop before look out from window after change my dislocation. and i saw his crazy skill 2 days earlier when he jump on my roof to take bolt. so you can stop lying to me or to you self. And last thing he speak with me and use my nickname when i was in someone else house. Before his appearing i don’t use voice and there be only walls so he can’t know who was inside.

ive only used ‘lol’ twice in this thread, how is that too often?

Well that’s not true because I know for sure I killed your friend a few times. You ever stop and think maybe you’re bad ? It was 5 v 2…

Thats true coz i nothing says about my friend and i don’t ask him who kill him. Yeah i think about it when you show me how to jump on 3-rd floor from ground and i even send you banners saga gift if you teach me this awesome x6 jump :slight_smile: .

How about wiping whole london 1? Almost no one is playing there now cause its fucked up again…crashes,lags tons of abandoned houses.

Every crash have to make bug repport. Why it is so hard just to find these crash reports and fix them ? Instead of making helicopter or dungeons… Ofcourse i want these things… but nice playable game is more important.

We got your third floor using stairs, no jumps

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Nope, no wipe needed, the crashing is happening on all servers, its not due to there being too many abandoned buildings.

Im not saying its crashing because of abandoned buildings but wipe would still be nice on london 1

Why? A few abandoned buildings shouldnt deter you. The server feels dead because a lot of the Russians left, which is a good thing imo.