London I wiped, any reason?

Hi, today London I was wiped, not in the usual timing of first Thursday of every month. Can a developer give some information on the reasons behind this? I think the timing of once a month is pretty good, and should be kept if possible. Also do you plan another wipe on September 3rd for this server? Thanks.

It reached the building limit on the server, and so needed to be wiped - or bad things would happen in game. Some other official servers were wiped too for this reason.

ok, they should make spikes decay to lower the number of objects in game, and also not allow pumpkin placement too close to each other.

What we need is a demolish back. We never had this problem before. You raid a house, get the cupboard and “the base” just disappears.
Right now there are raided bases all over the place lagging the servers like crazy.

Pumpkins guys… they spread in hundreds in minutes