Lone Carmine

Didn’t made any gmod pics for a long time.
Damn pc - always lag when i’m playing gmod

what is the blue light from?

From his helmet and sniper rifle

Yeh it’s not exactly clear. Looks like he’s holding a screen up in front of him or something. Nice pic anyways.

It’s okay. The sniper rifle scope looks strange from this angle, but otherwise it’s alright.

Man I’m going to miss the Coalition of Ordered Governments in Gears 3. Nice pic, the angle for the Longshot is weird but good otherwise.

Pretty cool… I was thinking maybe you can do a shot of him standing on a hilltop or something with dead bodies laying around him, and he just kind of turns his head back a little and looks over his shoulder.
Thats what I was expecting out of this… But I suck at posing. Although I can try but with a different character and post the results.

I can try if you wish